Klaussie Williams


Klaussie Williams is a Liverpool born, London based artist, illustrator, and bookseller.

Her work has appeared in Oxford Poetry and is forthcoming with Offord Road Books.

She has exhibited her art in Liverpool, London, and in Europe.

She creates botanical line drawings for the Tinyletter tending to…, a newsletter exploring growing, cultivating, and tending of all kinds.

Her place drawings include London, Rome, Dorset, Norfolk, and the Lake District. She has also been commissioned by couples to depict locations that are meaningful to them—where they met, where they got married, where they’re each from—to be given as gifts.

A drawing of hers inspired the poem Two Birds in John Clegg’s Holy Toledo!

Email: klaussiewilliams@gmail.com

Instagram: @klausssieart

Twitter: @klaussinder